waking up with Psophodes olivaceus

Camping as a full-time lifestyle choice, I spend so much time in nature that I sometimes take it for granted – of course I should wake every day in a luscious green glade on the fringes of this township!

But this morning the eastern Australian whip bird (Psophodes olivaceus) is especially active, four or five of them expressing their unique whip-crack call in every direction around me.

whip it real good!

Although I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one in the flesh, I am inordinately fond of these birds, partly because they connect me with Dad’s fondness of all things native to Australia and, despite my renunciation ambitions (a contradiction of terms?), I still somewhat crave his approval, which I seek through understanding of our native environment, which happens to have become an in(ter)dependent interest.

But also and simply, they wake me up to the world around me, and I have a deep affinity with birds, which now leaves me wondering, unsurprisingly, whether these little creatures might be lead roles in the cast of spirits I feel are guiding me in this journey of spiritual adventure.

It’s a new moon again on Monday, the beginning of a new lunar quarter, and I was not entirely surprised to discover that this happens to coincide with another deep, inner, in(ter)dependent yearning to cease the computer work I’ve been labouring over this last week, and go into meditation for a long time, to recalibrate again to the natural rhythms that move within and without us.

It is a divine blessing to feel in tune with these rhythms, and I feel a twinge of sadness and regret when I wake up to the realisation I have spent even a moment taking this beautiful planet for granted, feeling grumpy or expecty or asleep.

But here I am: I am doing this, I am waking up; I am; we are; I have seen through the illusion that materialist society is the destination I should be happy we have arrived at, and I am thriving as a soul for having extracted myself somewhat from that maligned view

And this morning I have the eastern Australian whip bird to thank for reminding me that I remember who I am, that I come from (and am of) this earth, our mother and father rolled into (and out of) One. (And the older gentleman who just strolled past, reminding me with jokes that I am Welcome here: I am taking the shortest route around Australia by going anti-clockwise, because I am on the left-hand side of the road 🙂

I don’t even care that I just spilled milk (and muesli) on the nice clean blanket I was given at the op-shop! The willie wagtails are feeding on it now, and who can cry over spilled milk when the whip birds are whipping and the kookaburras are chuckling?