Glossary additions

I’ve made some additions to the Glossary here, as I continue developing terms to describe my iteration of the common story of human suffering, which is explained on the About page.

the Great Apocalyptic Remembering


Understanding is merely Remembering, and re-membering is merely unLearning all we were lead to believe

There is a mass awakening underway as we get increasingly fed up with being lied to by people who are less awake than we are. We are putting ourselves back together so that we can act from a place of fully integrated mind, heart, body, soul and spirit.


unLearning is de-conditioning, and therefore Re-membering, and also Becoming, which is unConditioning

Everything we learned at school was an attempt at conditioning us to be worker drones for the industrial revolution that is killing us, our friends, and the planet. By de-conditioning ourselves from this education, we can begin to learn to heal ourSelves, and then others, and thereby the planet.

the Verse


the poetic Machinations of the cosmos

I don’t know whether we live in a universe or a multiverse or what, but I know I have found Rhyme and Reason among the tautological Chasm of Chaos.

It is my rhyme and my reason, but the Chasm is ours, which we navigate together. We cannot navigate it without each other, without each of us finding our own rhyme and our own reason.

The Verse is just one big poem, as expressed by the WordPress catchphrase “code is poetry”, which I have always founding endearing. To understand the meaning of the Poem, all we need to do is Read it,

using our intuition to ground knowledge in wisdom to Become, through Remembering, hoo and what we always were.

the Machinations

the seemingly ordered, seemingly un-ordered events and dimensions in the Verse Poem we live in

The Machinations could also be referred to as synchronicity ~ this is what we talk about when we talk about aligning ourSelves with the celestial bodies, which are inside us.

the Chasm of Chaos


the inherently tautological realm beyond and within our ordinary consciousness, entered by Dancing on the Hairline Fracture between Illusion and Illusion

I was pleased to learn, when researching ‘chaos’ for a hypertext thing that I’m making, that ‘chasm’ and ‘chaos’ are synonymous in Ancient Greek. In Greek mythology, Chaos was the first thing to exist.



Becoming is the process of Re-membering all that we had forgotten about what we originally were, and is therefore synonymous with “Self-realisation”

In the process of Becoming, we have to drop all ego-identification with what we believe, and with who we thought we were: ‘who’ is the human pronoun; because I am an idiot who thinks he is very funny, I reckon we should replace the human pronoun with ‘hoo’, when referring to what we really are, which is, at most, a verb.


the New pronoun for embodied Spirit



suffering is awe+some

Suffering also gives you the opportunity to develop compassion, without suffering you cannot develop compassion. Looked at from this positive perspective, suffering is a good thing as it helps you to awaken, to develop your compassion, and to be more humble.When you always look in the positive way you naturally become happier.

~~ Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe,
Drogmi Buddhist Institute

could this kind of Joy even be real

in which I prostituted myself to my Self

On the way home from a transcendental numerology reading with Divine Jewel the other day, I met a photographer by the name of Bertrand Branchu.

On the way there I had been thinking, for some reason, Wouldn’t it be nice if I met a photographer someday, who could do some portraits for me.

I have thought this maybe once or twice in my life, the rest of time wallowing deep in my pride that I was the sort of person who didn’t need to have photographs at all, much less of myself ~ I thought this at the same time as understanding my memory was shot from all the ganja I used to smoke … such is life, and the nature of contradictions.

But this other day, after certain recent awakenings, I have been [feeling] so good about mySelf, so much alive, and so deeply and utterly and perplexingly grateful for existing as a human with conscious awareness and a halfway handsome face, that I thought, Ya know what, fuck it, I should celebrate this shit! I should get some portraits done, and show the world how great I am when I’m at my best.

And besides all that, I want some photographs that I can look at myself ~ I want a document of how good I feel, so that I can look at them, pinch myself, poke at the photographs and wonder, in awe, Could this kind of Joy even be real!?

It’s important to remember, when looking at these photos, that only a month ago I discharged myself from the psych ward. Psychosis IS, I repeat, psychosis IS NOT a permanent mental ill-ness, unless we believe it to be so.


one step forward, one step back ~ the posture of life

"You should go and hug yourself." ~~ Justin Bieber

“You should go and hug yourself.” ~~ Justin Bieber






heart-throat asana? may the truth spew forth


Platypus Mountain


may 心 bless our cotton socks

solar-eclipsing the new-moon sads

I hope everyone is being kind to themselves during this big new moon. I know I’m feeling quite sad as a lot of things move and change through me ~ sad about some specific things but also just sad. It will pass, and I’m finding myself more and more able to transmute these emotions in yoga and by not clinging to them.

There’s a lot of positive change ahead, I can feel that in me, and I wonder if the sadness is a type of clinging to the old way I believed things about myself. It can be hard to let go of old stuff when it has coagulated as your identity for so long, but I reckon I’d rather ride this sadness through to the new than stick around humming the low dirge of misery and hoping someone will change things for me.

The sun is rising and the kookaburras have sung their song ~ now it’s time for Raven to caw-caw-caw the blues away. Yes yes yes.

brotherhood dreaming

I had a dream today during a yoga nap (a hugely realistic dream) that my friend George had come to surprise visit me somewhere ~ he had brought along a friend I wasn’t familiar with, and George was mucking about with a camper ute as though they had come to pick me up and take me for a surprise camping trip because I needed it. (I’ve been feeling somewhat deprived of direct contact with nature here, living in Mum’s townhouse.)

It was awesome. It felt so real, and I got the very strong impression that George had conveyed to his friend (who I didn’t know) that I was worth investing the quality time in. Thanks George! It was a real case of the village coming through for me at a subconscious level, and I woke up feeling deeply and profoundly loved by a brother from another mother (who, ultimately, is an aspect of my Self ~ so I woke up feeling self-love coming from a brother I imagined for myself, or something like that).

it’s alive, I”M alive! (genius rebirthing)

Just quietly … SHIT! I might actually be making, now, the (or an approximation of the) hypertextual, multimedia, anti-linear, pro-circular, super-dooper rLOVEutionary mega e-novel of epic proportions that I have been dreaming about since … 2011!?
Now, I understand that in The Illustrated Family Doctor, Samuel Johnson’s character likened the [creative] practice of pre-emptively sharing embryonic creative ideas with the [spiritual] practice of masturbation, but ya know what? I’m having hands-free orgasms these days, so I’m really not going to care if any swinga-dick comes in here and tries to waste my seed in some kind of pre-emptive move to behead the tall poppy.
Because I haven’t been this excited since I nearly died at birth and thought I was going Home immediately.
My only vague concern is that IF the technology really does exist (in Wix) to produce this thing, THEN I won’t be able to continue going around identifying secretly as a literary genius. I will have to start being extroverted about my genius, and clearly I feel uncomfortable with doing that.
But what to do.