I am Developing a list of Experimental grammatical tenets i am Exploring, mostly in paper-bound journals for now, such as referring to myself with a lower case ‘i’ because i Feel the capitalisation of the self perpetuates our false belief that our self is more important than any other self or any other thing. I have also been Exploring the Practice of referring to “my” things (my tent, my bike, my adventure) as “the” things, because i am Exploring renunciation, detachment, and the Practice of un-ownership. This felt weird for a little while, but since i overcame the awkwardness, it now feels great, like all the (great many!) things that ihave”, have been bequeathed to me as their guardian, the person who is using them for now, borrowing them. I feel more as though i am on an Expedition funded and supplied by the (Nat Geo) Universe channel rather than by my own efforts or fortune. I feel more connected to the amorphous and ambiguous group of stakeholders i am doing this for, which we call Humanity. Seriously. Give it a crack – it just might Change your Whole Idea of ho you Are and why you have the things you have.

I borrowed this in parallel with/from a guru whose name i can’t Remember. I like to Experiment with different ways of using Language, because i Feel it’s important to take ownership of this as an Individual, rather than just accepting the tenets of grammar, punctuation, et cetera, that are handed down to us by such gatekeepers as teachers and dictionary editors. I remember being walloped by the Insight, once, that Shakespeare did it!, so why can’t i?, and ever since i’ve been taking great Liberties (mostly in my longhand journals, and rarely in published writing) to play with the tenets of Language and see how i Feel about the effect this has on what i’m Thinking and trying to Express. One thing i stole from the guru whose name i can’t Remember, is the idea it’s important to demote the implied importance of certain “proper nouns” by de-capatilising them, and to promote the importance of certain other so-called Common nouns, by capitalising them. So, for example, i would be inclined to refer to the australian government in lower case, whereas i would refer to Individual Responsibility as a “proper noun”, because i Feel political institutions are regarded with an importance that is not warranted, whereas concepts such as Personal Freedom are treated (by the tenets of prescriptive grammar) as less important. I happen to believe (these days), that governments inhibit Liberty rather than promote it, because i have Become something of a libertarian and an anarchist since i dropped the career as a left-wing intellectual. As an Individual, i now prefer the pursuit of Inner Change as a means for affecting Positive Social Change, over the pursuit of external Change through such means as publishing dissident ideas, lobbying government, appealing to a god in the clouds or chaining Body to Tree. These Experiments in Language are an extension of that, because (as an amateur Semiotician) i value the Power of Symbols, and as an Energy Being i value the powerful Phonetic Resonance of Language, which might be one of the most advanced means that Consciousness has developed for Inter-consciousness Communication, but which has not yet finished Evolving, and may never even continue to Evolve if We don’t take Personal Responsibility for the Form of such a social construct as Language. It is Our Language, not some editor’s. We are Responsible for it’s Evolution, and Contributing to this is one of the ways i Feel i can … well, Contribute … to the Evolution of Consciousness.


Perceptual Challenges

I have taken to referring to “psychosis” as a perceptual challenge, which means that someone who has experienced psychosis could be described as the perceptually challenged. I like this because it is less loaded: my concern about the word “psychosis” is that in the West it means “a break from reality”, whereas in the East, what we perceive to be “reality” is described as illusion, so that “psychosis” could mean, if we conflate the dualist perspective, “a break from illusion”. This is what I mean when I say to people that my experiences of psychosis are equal parts psychosis, equal parts spiritual awakening.

the Great Apocalyptic Remembering

Understanding is merely Remembering, and re-membering is merely unLearning all we were lead to believe

There is a mass awakening underway as we get increasingly fed up with being lied to by people who are less awake than we are. We are putting ourselves back together so that we can act from a place of fully integrated mind, heart, body, soul and spirit.


unLearning is de-conditioning, and therefore Re-membering, and also Becoming, which is unConditioning

Everything we learned at school was an attempt at conditioning us to be worker drones for the industrial revolution that is killing us, our friends, and the planet. By de-conditioning ourselves from this education, we can begin to learn to heal ourSelves, and then others, and thereby the planet.

the Verse

the poetic Machinations of the cosmos

I don’t know whether we live in a universe or a multiverse or what, but I know I have found Rhyme and Reason among the tautological Chasm of Chaos.

It is my rhyme and my reason, but the Chasm is ours, which we navigate together. We cannot navigate it without each other, without each of us finding our own rhyme and our own reason.

The Verse is just one big poem, as expressed by the WordPress catchphrase “code is poetry”, which I have always founding endearing. To understand the meaning of the Poem, all we need to do is Read it,

using our intuition to ground knowledge in wisdom to Become, through Remembering, hoo and what we always were.

the Machinations

the seemingly ordered, seemingly un-ordered events and dimensions in the Verse Poem we live in

The Machinations could also be referred to as synchronicity ~ this is what we talk about when we talk about aligning ourSelves with the celestial bodies, which are inside us.

the Chasm of Chaos

the inherently tautological realm beyond and within our ordinary consciousness, entered by Dancing on the Hairline Fracture between Illusion and Illusion

I was pleased to learn, when researching ‘chaos’ for a hypertext thing that I’m making, that ‘chasm’ and ‘chaos’ are synonymous in Ancient Greek. In Greek mythology, Chaos was the first thing to exist.


Becoming is the process of Re-membering all that we had forgotten about what we originally were, and is therefore synonymous with “Self-realisation”

In the process of Becoming, we have to drop all ego-identification with what we believe, and with who we thought we were: ‘who’ is the human pronoun; because I am an idiot who thinks he is very funny, I reckon we should replace the human pronoun with ‘hoo’, when referring to what we really are, which is, at most, a verb.


the New pronoun for embodied Spirit