the two-way mirror of collective telempathy

the two-way mirror of collective telempathy

I wonder what it means
when someone simultaneously says what you say
and the context of what they say matches your experience,
not theirs.

I just finished a council-supported yoga class in the park near where I live, and it was the final class in the program, so there was a council guy there to check out how the program was going. Let’s call him Guy Council.

I did my (recently) usual thing where I be all unashamedly evangelistic about the psychological-healing power of yoga and I could read in his behaviour that he was interested and curious, but vaguely dubious. I have a huge amount of respect for people who indulge practices they are not familiar with (he’s into personal training and has done some yoga, but doesn’t practice regularly), despite their uncertainty about them.

There was a brief conversation between Guy and myself about how it’s really important for council to continue supporting the program, and then there was a brief conversation between the three of us, which I shamelessly dominated because I wanted to thank the Teacher, in front of Guy, for the classes (and for introducing me to numerology).

So the conversation moved from the subject of recently popular and hugely acceptable yoga to the timelessly unpopular and hugely esoteric so-called pseudoscience of numerology.

Teacher was on the way to another class and Guy was still interested, but now doing the cannot-compute frown. It’s difficult to make these leaps from the accepted to the unaccepted, the perceivedly rational to the probably irrational, at the best of times, but especially in the middle of a busy outer-urban street, where people are focused primarily on those other numbers ~ the numbers of the economic, not the esoteric.

I have no point to prove ~ I just wanted to say thanks, which I had done, so I said, “Okay, seeya guys.”

At the same time I said “seeya guys”, Guy also said “seeya guys”: I was fare-welling two people; he was fare-welling a single instance of “guy”.

I just find this utterly fascinating. It’s the sort of thing that’s been happening a lot lately, since I have been feeling more open to the shared streams of the collective Consciousness.

I want to call this telempathy, because it seems to me that Guy picked up on my words before I had said them, and reflected them immediately back to me.

What do you think?


the Demon Guru Complex (psychology question)

Is there a term for someone experiencing delusions they are Satan? The messiah complex is well known, but what if someone believes they need to hurt people to teach them a lesson? Would this be sadism? 
The case I’m studying exhibits more than just the derivation of pleasure from causing suffering in others, but seems to believe it is their responsibility to catalyse understanding in others by belittling the other’s ignorance, while refusing to accept responsibility for how such behaviour is interpreted. 

There seems to be a gap here in the psychology field. I’m currently calling it the Demon Guru Complex.

positive consumerism  (feat. illustrated sociology txtbk)

When you don’t spend your money on drugs anymore and you just got a job and accepted your mission to understand human behaviour for the skilfully selfish benefit of all sentient beings, you understand that you can’t not buy a book like this when you find it for twenty bucks at the post office. Such is my duty as a good little consumer.

resignation to depression is the mental illness, not depression itself

depression is merely the absence of ex-pression

As I sit here under a large umbrella in the much-needed Southeast Queensland rain about to commit psychological heresy, I present the three sides of my Face (happy-sad and equanimous) as a token of commitment to the following.

After a visit to the doctor just now about my mental-health-care plan, I accept that my mission in this lifetime is to disprove, with the actions of my life, the myth that once you experience depression it will continue to plague you forever. 

Why would I just accept such so-called accepted wisdom? It doesn’t sound very wise to me. It sounds more like resignation. Resignation to the false belief that life is Suffering. 

Life is Joyful if we choose to perceive it that way, which is why I choose to accept this mission. 

This missive will self-destruct in five seconds unless you screw it up, chew on it, and pass it through your bowels. 

Over and out.

so-called silly questions 

I’m thinking of asking my dad, “Why do you never answer my questions?” To try to avoid the great likelihood of disappointment, I will go into my email account with sadly lowered expectations. 
Does your dad answer your questions?

I’m not talking about “silly” questions here, like “Why is a tree called a tree?” I’m talking about “normal” questions like “How are you?”

it’s alive, I”M alive! (genius rebirthing)

Just quietly … SHIT! I might actually be making, now, the (or an approximation of the) hypertextual, multimedia, anti-linear, pro-circular, super-dooper rLOVEutionary mega e-novel of epic proportions that I have been dreaming about since … 2011!?
Now, I understand that in The Illustrated Family Doctor, Samuel Johnson’s character likened the [creative] practice of pre-emptively sharing embryonic creative ideas with the [spiritual] practice of masturbation, but ya know what? I’m having hands-free orgasms these days, so I’m really not going to care if any swinga-dick comes in here and tries to waste my seed in some kind of pre-emptive move to behead the tall poppy.
Because I haven’t been this excited since I nearly died at birth and thought I was going Home immediately.
My only vague concern is that IF the technology really does exist (in Wix) to produce this thing, THEN I won’t be able to continue going around identifying secretly as a literary genius. I will have to start being extroverted about my genius, and clearly I feel uncomfortable with doing that.
But what to do.