sharehome wanted for yogi and poet, east-coast Australia

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I am a poet and yogi looking for a sharehome with creative soul-minded people. I was born and raised in Adelaide, moved to Melbourne for a career in literary publishing, then travelled half the world only to find mySelf in Australia at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, southeast Queensland.

I’m a 33-year-old male studying transpersonal psychology in his spare time and practising a hermetic/heuristic form of eclectic spirituality based on teachings from Nature, spiritual masters, literary geniuses and musical prodigies. It’s all dharma if we choose to see it that way. I’m looking for a place to live where I can set up home for the longish term, with people who are on the spiritual path, somewhere between southeast Queensland and south-coast New South Wales.

I guess you could say I’m a semi-confused, half-recovered former hippy-careerist: I stopped using drugs in January 2017; my head half-spontaneously sprouted dreadlocks in 2015; my Saturn Return started in 2013; I quit my job and started travelling in 2011; I’ve been a seeker of mystical truth since birth in Adelaide, 1983.

I’m looking for a sharehome that would ideally be drug- and alcohol-free, but knowing the creative soul-minded community, I appreciate this is … well, idealistic. A home characterised by moderation in moderation would be ideal.

I am a man of open mind, heart and spirit who loves to communicate thoughtfully and explore emotional sensitivity for its creative and transformative beauty. I work hard at being the best man I can be, and I tend to expect nothing less from the people I share my time and energy with. So I’m looking for a sharehome of progressive, compassionate, intelligent and creative people who are working on themselves to make the world a better place from within.

I live a life of simple material pleasures and intricate spiritual ones ~ above all I value and pursue the evolution of Consciousness. I observe celibacy as a spiritual practice and identify as non-binary / gender-neutral. I am currently weaning myself off tobacco and caffeine, with a view to establishing a yogic vegan diet by the beginning of 2018.

I currently receive unemployment benefits with a temporary exemption to give me some time to recover from depression without having to look for depressing menial work (which I have done my fair share of throughout the years). I’m doing really really well in the mental-health stakes, and I look forward to being self-employed again as a poet and healer by the beginning of 2018 while I continue studying Eastern psychology at dharma centres on the east coast.

I value honesty, trust and open communication. I am allergic to passive aggression, manipulation and self-righteous indignation. I embrace the differing lifestyles of others and I expect the same in return. For example, I prefer to have the dishes done before bed, but I don’t berate myself or others when this doesn’t always happen. I’m one for having rosters and rules we can break for a laugh.

I am a clean but not-exactly-tidy person ~ I value order-in-chaos, and cleanliness, but would prefer to share a home that is lived in rather than a house that is always impeccably clean and tidy. I love to cook and share food with home-mates. I love adventure ~ camping, trekking, cycle-touring and learning how to eat native weeds without going the way of Alexander Supertramp. I studied permaculture in 2015, discovering that I have a heartfelt affinity for soil and compost. I love to garden and salvage materials from building supplies to coffee grounds.

I love talking shit and having a cackle over a cup of tea in the morning. I also love getting my meditation practice done before I emerge into the home so my moods are not hanging out everywhere. I’m far less moody these days, since I purged a lot of demons in January.

^^^I am, clearly, an essayist as well as a poet.^^^ I will probably post this on my blog later 😀


the grief we cannot yet own

in which I pondered
(with questions)
the approximation of alchemical transformation,
of suffering into joy,
this beautiful mo(u)rning,
answer free until the end of so-called illusory time

I cried in child’s pose just now, this mourning. I don’t know what it was really, except I was thinking about a friend I miss very much and who I suspect may be suffering with chronic depression. I dunno … it’s vomplicated. The tears were that kind that erupt from your face before you even really know what’s happening, emptying your belly of the soul vomit. I allowed it and continued to breathe, and moved out of Child into Cow, casting my Face upward in all of its glorious grief to be seen. I howled then, and grunted relief, gratitude, a bit more grief and then tim-ally … composure, a bit more grief, then something vaguely approximating equanimity. In Child, the grief had already transmuted into joy and I could somewhat sense that this, therefore, was not grief specific, but grief general. As far as I understand it, this is what they talk about when they talk about alchemy.

I had thought the grief might be for my friend, because that’s who I was thinking about in Child, but I wonder: do we ever really cry for anyone other than ourselves? I think we like to think we do, but this might be because it’s easier to cry for others than it is to cry for ourselves, but ultimately it’s a distraction, a deference, a displacement of owr/oun grief, the grief we cannot yet own. It’s a mutated and insidious kind of codependency.

I suspect that when we cry for others it’s because we see reflected, in them, something we don’t yet want to see in ourselves. I dunno.

Something I do know is I love this young woman very much, and I miss her terribly. I write to her sometimes, but she doesn’t write back and I don’t know why. I know she loves me too, and I know it’s not the kind of love you might be thinking due to our collective conditioning and the reality that English has reduced love to a single four-letter word, as though it were some kind of molecule that could be smashed at CERN. Maybe if they did put the word “love” in the Large Hadron Collider and proceeded to try smashing it into smithereens, those smithereens might shatter our belief systems like shrapnel in the pre-frontal love, I mean love! Shit, it’s like a compulsion over here … remember, the ‘v’ is right next to the ‘b’ on the QWERTY.

I dunno.

I really wish I did, but I don’t, and right now it shits me to tears. Because what I love about this woman is her qualities, not her vagina (which I have never even seen) … I love her innocence, her naivety, her addiction to boisterous laughter and wanton tomfoolery … I love her soul, her heart, her mind … she also has tremendous breasts (which I have never even seen) and can ski double black diamonds, both of which are utterly irrelevant …  what is relevant is that she loves to talk about poo ~ that’s why I miss her, really.

She is a self-described “poo person”, and she excels at doing awkward poos. (My handwriting now is turning the second Os into tiny little turds, soft-serve caricatures with stink lines latent, about to emerge into a stencil fart, no doubt …)

There is a passage somewhere in Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being about how our lives will forever be characterised by kitsch so long as we continue to shit in cubicles. He describes kitsch as a reluctance to accept the unacceptable, such as a man crying in child’s pose. Personally, I not only accept this, but actively embrace it, and/but what seems paradoxically sad is that I no longer really know whether this is healthy or not.

It seems obviously healthy to express sadness if it is blocking you, if it is inhibiting your growth because you’re storing it somewhere hidden in your bodymind, but what if it’s not? What if you’re actually mostly existing now in a near-constant state of equanimity. IF this, THEN when you cry for someone who may just be a reflection of yourself, what if what you’re really crying about is your story, or maybe theirs.

Because your story is not you, right? We are told often by therapists, accomplished meditators, and in spiritual literature, that we are not our stories. But what if we are? What if there is no difference between the stories of our individuated soul, encased in human flesh, and the story of the cosmos, encased in what? Where does the universe exist?, and where therein do our stories fit?

I don’t fucking know, and it shits me to tears.

Something I do suspect is that this poo-person friend of mine may know more about the answers than she thinks she knows, for reasons I can’t go into right now. [I did just find this, though, an audio CD about “depression as a call to spiritual awakening”.]

All I hope <~~typo … All I know is I miss her painfully, and I hope know she’s doing okay.

I’m doing okay ~ at least I like to think I am, but I suspect that really I’m not doing okay until I uncontrivedly write, with this here B Staed,

I am being, okay.