sharehome wanted for yogi and poet, east-coast Australia

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I am a poet and yogi looking for a sharehome with creative soul-minded people. I was born and raised in Adelaide, moved to Melbourne for a career in literary publishing, then travelled half the world only to find mySelf in Australia at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, southeast Queensland.

I’m a 33-year-old male studying transpersonal psychology in his spare time and practising a hermetic/heuristic form of eclectic spirituality based on teachings from Nature, spiritual masters, literary geniuses and musical prodigies. It’s all dharma if we choose to see it that way. I’m looking for a place to live where I can set up home for the longish term, with people who are on the spiritual path, somewhere between southeast Queensland and south-coast New South Wales.

I guess you could say I’m a semi-confused, half-recovered former hippy-careerist: I stopped using drugs in January 2017; my head half-spontaneously sprouted dreadlocks in 2015; my Saturn Return started in 2013; I quit my job and started travelling in 2011; I’ve been a seeker of mystical truth since birth in Adelaide, 1983.

I’m looking for a sharehome that would ideally be drug- and alcohol-free, but knowing the creative soul-minded community, I appreciate this is … well, idealistic. A home characterised by moderation in moderation would be ideal.

I am a man of open mind, heart and spirit who loves to communicate thoughtfully and explore emotional sensitivity for its creative and transformative beauty. I work hard at being the best man I can be, and I tend to expect nothing less from the people I share my time and energy with. So I’m looking for a sharehome of progressive, compassionate, intelligent and creative people who are working on themselves to make the world a better place from within.

I live a life of simple material pleasures and intricate spiritual ones ~ above all I value and pursue the evolution of Consciousness. I observe celibacy as a spiritual practice and identify as non-binary / gender-neutral. I am currently weaning myself off tobacco and caffeine, with a view to establishing a yogic vegan diet by the beginning of 2018.

I currently receive unemployment benefits with a temporary exemption to give me some time to recover from depression without having to look for depressing menial work (which I have done my fair share of throughout the years). I’m doing really really well in the mental-health stakes, and I look forward to being self-employed again as a poet and healer by the beginning of 2018 while I continue studying Eastern psychology at dharma centres on the east coast.

I value honesty, trust and open communication. I am allergic to passive aggression, manipulation and self-righteous indignation. I embrace the differing lifestyles of others and I expect the same in return. For example, I prefer to have the dishes done before bed, but I don’t berate myself or others when this doesn’t always happen. I’m one for having rosters and rules we can break for a laugh.

I am a clean but not-exactly-tidy person ~ I value order-in-chaos, and cleanliness, but would prefer to share a home that is lived in rather than a house that is always impeccably clean and tidy. I love to cook and share food with home-mates. I love adventure ~ camping, trekking, cycle-touring and learning how to eat native weeds without going the way of Alexander Supertramp. I studied permaculture in 2015, discovering that I have a heartfelt affinity for soil and compost. I love to garden and salvage materials from building supplies to coffee grounds.

I love talking shit and having a cackle over a cup of tea in the morning. I also love getting my meditation practice done before I emerge into the home so my moods are not hanging out everywhere. I’m far less moody these days, since I purged a lot of demons in January.

^^^I am, clearly, an essayist as well as a poet.^^^ I will probably post this on my blog later 😀


the kindness of strangers (feat. Kahlil Gibran)

Facebook wanted me to share a V-day card. I’m gonna share this instead, an audio recording of The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran:
I tried reading this book a few times and never could get into it. It’s the sort of book I needed to read at the right time, because it’s full of dharma I wasn’t ready for until I found myself taken in by Rodney Wayne Irving when I was cycle touring through Pambula. Suddenly I found the words flowing through me as I read it aloud to his dog, by the open fire in the middle of winter. True story.
What’s his name Rod? He loved it, ya know … being read to. By the end of the book he had got as far as he could into my lap, and when I would stop reading to take a breath, he would look up at me like he was waiting for me to read on. I wanna say “Buster”, but I just can’t trust my memory anymore. Dusty! Dusty?
Anyway. Thank you for your kindness at a time when I didn’t even really know how much I needed it.
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There’s a movie!?

Cycling from Depression to alight in Love, capitalised

Updating the About page just now, i want to share this ditty about whether or not it has been working for me to leave societal living behind and strike out on Massive for a cycling spiritual adventure. The short answer is yes, and the long answer is:

Is it Working?
So far so good. It might not be clear how a person could escape depression through cycle touring, but i knew i needed to get out of Head and into Body, and all i can say right now is that on Day Three i cried with Joy, which hadn’t happened for a long time while i was languishing in Castlemaine, depressed and addicted. And as i wrote this i Felt my Love of Language, Expression and Communication being stoked. It could have been the Fire i was sitting next to that was helping me feel warm Inside, and (camp)fire is definitely a big part of it, but there’s a lot to be said for Naturally treating Depression by dragging up the Courage from Inside you and setting out to do what you Love, whatever that is. I’m still smoking cigarettes, but i haven’t smoked marijuana since i left (apart from some kiff i took with me for the first day), and apart from some drinking in Mallacoota, i haven’t drunk alcohol with the Intention to obliterate Feelings. I feel very strongly about the idea #intention is an important factor in how drugs effect us, and how our use of them can transform into abuse, or abnormal use. Using a drug to enhance or celebrate Feeling (even so-called bad ones) can have great benefits – using them to suppress Feeling can be disastrous. So yes, it’s working, because i k(no)w longer feel a strong desire to abuse myself with misguided (ab)use of drugs. I still have Moments where i feel down, but it’s no longer that pervasive, heavy, impenetrable Feeling of Depression, just the Natural ebb and flow between happiness and sadness, contentment and frustration. And i only feel anxious when i don’t Trust myself, which i reckon is a Healthy sort of Anxiety, an existential warning sign that going with Head is going to land me in trouble, whereas going with Heart is going to land me in Love.

And i’ll add a note here about Capitalisation, which i stole from a guru whose name i can’t Remember. I like to Experiment with different ways of using Language, because i Feel it’s important to take ownership of this as an Individual, rather than just accepting the tenets of grammar, punctuation, et cetera, that are handed down to us by such gatekeepers as teachers and dictionary editors. I remember being walloped by the Insight, once, that Shakespeare did it!, so why can’t i?, and ever since i’ve been taking great Liberties (mostly in my longhand journals, and rarely in published writing) to play with the tenets of Language and see how i Feel about the effect this has on what i’m Thinking and trying to Express. One thing i stole from the guru whose name i can’t Remember, is the idea it’s important to demote the implied importance of certain “proper nouns” by de-capatilising them, and to promote the importance of certain other so-called Common nouns, by capitalising them. So, for example, i would be inclined to refer to the australian government in lower case, whereas i would refer to Individual Responsibility as a “proper noun”, because i Feel political institutions are regarded with an importance that is not warranted, whereas concepts such as Personal Freedom are treated (by the tenets of prescriptive grammar) as less important. I happen to believe (these days), that governments inhibit Liberty rather than promote it, because i have Become something of a libertarian and an anarchist since i dropped the career as a left-wing intellectual. As an Individual, i now prefer the pursuit of Inner Change as a means for affecting Positive Social Change, over the pursuit of external Change through such means as publishing dissident ideas, lobbying government, appealing to a god in the clouds or chaining Body to Tree. These Experiments in Language are an extension of that, because (as an amateur Semiotician) i value the Power of Symbols, and as an Energy Being i value the powerful Phonetic Resonance of Language, which might be one of the most advanced means that Consciousness has developed for Inter-consciousness Communication, but which has not yet finished Evolving, and may never even continue to Evolve if We don’t take Personal Responsibility for the Form of such a social construct as Language. It is Our Language, not some editor’s. We are Responsible for it’s Evolution, and Contributing to this is one of the ways i Feel i can … well, Contribute … to the Evolution of Consciousness.

So there’s that, a brief note about Capitalisation. I will add this to the Glossary page, where i’ll be developing a list of other Experimental grammatical tenets i am Exploring, mostly in paper-bound journals for now.