sharehome wanted for yogi and poet, east-coast Australia

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I am a poet and yogi looking for a sharehome with creative soul-minded people. I was born and raised in Adelaide, moved to Melbourne for a career in literary publishing, then travelled half the world only to find mySelf in Australia at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, southeast Queensland.

I’m a 33-year-old male studying transpersonal psychology in his spare time and practising a hermetic/heuristic form of eclectic spirituality based on teachings from Nature, spiritual masters, literary geniuses and musical prodigies. It’s all dharma if we choose to see it that way. I’m looking for a place to live where I can set up home for the longish term, with people who are on the spiritual path, somewhere between southeast Queensland and south-coast New South Wales.

I guess you could say I’m a semi-confused, half-recovered former hippy-careerist: I stopped using drugs in January 2017; my head half-spontaneously sprouted dreadlocks in 2015; my Saturn Return started in 2013; I quit my job and started travelling in 2011; I’ve been a seeker of mystical truth since birth in Adelaide, 1983.

I’m looking for a sharehome that would ideally be drug- and alcohol-free, but knowing the creative soul-minded community, I appreciate this is … well, idealistic. A home characterised by moderation in moderation would be ideal.

I am a man of open mind, heart and spirit who loves to communicate thoughtfully and explore emotional sensitivity for its creative and transformative beauty. I work hard at being the best man I can be, and I tend to expect nothing less from the people I share my time and energy with. So I’m looking for a sharehome of progressive, compassionate, intelligent and creative people who are working on themselves to make the world a better place from within.

I live a life of simple material pleasures and intricate spiritual ones ~ above all I value and pursue the evolution of Consciousness. I observe celibacy as a spiritual practice and identify as non-binary / gender-neutral. I am currently weaning myself off tobacco and caffeine, with a view to establishing a yogic vegan diet by the beginning of 2018.

I currently receive unemployment benefits with a temporary exemption to give me some time to recover from depression without having to look for depressing menial work (which I have done my fair share of throughout the years). I’m doing really really well in the mental-health stakes, and I look forward to being self-employed again as a poet and healer by the beginning of 2018 while I continue studying Eastern psychology at dharma centres on the east coast.

I value honesty, trust and open communication. I am allergic to passive aggression, manipulation and self-righteous indignation. I embrace the differing lifestyles of others and I expect the same in return. For example, I prefer to have the dishes done before bed, but I don’t berate myself or others when this doesn’t always happen. I’m one for having rosters and rules we can break for a laugh.

I am a clean but not-exactly-tidy person ~ I value order-in-chaos, and cleanliness, but would prefer to share a home that is lived in rather than a house that is always impeccably clean and tidy. I love to cook and share food with home-mates. I love adventure ~ camping, trekking, cycle-touring and learning how to eat native weeds without going the way of Alexander Supertramp. I studied permaculture in 2015, discovering that I have a heartfelt affinity for soil and compost. I love to garden and salvage materials from building supplies to coffee grounds.

I love talking shit and having a cackle over a cup of tea in the morning. I also love getting my meditation practice done before I emerge into the home so my moods are not hanging out everywhere. I’m far less moody these days, since I purged a lot of demons in January.

^^^I am, clearly, an essayist as well as a poet.^^^ I will probably post this on my blog later 😀


the two-way mirror of collective telempathy

the two-way mirror of collective telempathy

I wonder what it means
when someone simultaneously says what you say
and the context of what they say matches your experience,
not theirs.

I just finished a council-supported yoga class in the park near where I live, and it was the final class in the program, so there was a council guy there to check out how the program was going. Let’s call him Guy Council.

I did my (recently) usual thing where I be all unashamedly evangelistic about the psychological-healing power of yoga and I could read in his behaviour that he was interested and curious, but vaguely dubious. I have a huge amount of respect for people who indulge practices they are not familiar with (he’s into personal training and has done some yoga, but doesn’t practice regularly), despite their uncertainty about them.

There was a brief conversation between Guy and myself about how it’s really important for council to continue supporting the program, and then there was a brief conversation between the three of us, which I shamelessly dominated because I wanted to thank the Teacher, in front of Guy, for the classes (and for introducing me to numerology).

So the conversation moved from the subject of recently popular and hugely acceptable yoga to the timelessly unpopular and hugely esoteric so-called pseudoscience of numerology.

Teacher was on the way to another class and Guy was still interested, but now doing the cannot-compute frown. It’s difficult to make these leaps from the accepted to the unaccepted, the perceivedly rational to the probably irrational, at the best of times, but especially in the middle of a busy outer-urban street, where people are focused primarily on those other numbers ~ the numbers of the economic, not the esoteric.

I have no point to prove ~ I just wanted to say thanks, which I had done, so I said, “Okay, seeya guys.”

At the same time I said “seeya guys”, Guy also said “seeya guys”: I was fare-welling two people; he was fare-welling a single instance of “guy”.

I just find this utterly fascinating. It’s the sort of thing that’s been happening a lot lately, since I have been feeling more open to the shared streams of the collective Consciousness.

I want to call this telempathy, because it seems to me that Guy picked up on my words before I had said them, and reflected them immediately back to me.

What do you think?